Do not throw the nucleus dates anymore

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Do not throw the nucleus dates anymore: Hallelujah .. R Us What created this void

• If burned and crushed palm kernel brought forth eyelashes, and Ahdt sight, blackened eye.
And milled and mixed with olive oil and used for hair It helps high hair growth
• For date seeds and use Kgahoh women considered of the most powerful nutrients and diuretics to milk of nursing women.

• Helps date seeds if used Kboukor after birth; to restore the uterus to its place,
To ease the pain of arthritis.
• Helps date seeds in the placement of dental pain, and that broke the nucleus and make it in the mouth, and Asthalabha, whereupon the material in the anesthesia to distinguish the taste of bitter and astringent.
• using Kekhal, so Btahnh and Thamish prevail on the fire until they say makes eyes wide and beautiful, and said: The kohl made from date seeds strengthens eyelashes eyes
• can take advantage of the nuclei of dates where they can produce what is known as an alternative cocoa (or chocolates) has conducted research on it and proved successful when mixed with ice cream could not of them conducted the experiment to distinguish between ice cream or chocolates genitive genitive nucleus dates roasted powder.
As one of the foreign companies that have produced what is now called alternative coffee without caffeine from the nucleus of dates, used in abundance
Experiments proved to be useful for diabetics and prevention of «cancer»

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