Drink hot water on empty stomach

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Whitney important subject for every human being I can deliver it
What is the most expensive of Shi after our well-being of the spine.
A cardiologist says:
If everyone who gets this mail sends it to know of, it would be the cause of saving the life of a human being.
Hot water treatment
You would not believe the large amount of diseases as God hath healing water praise and gratitude
The Japan Federation of Diseases published the following experiment for the treatment of water, where the results of his success was 100% for the following diseases: –
Headache blood pressure anemia (anemia) arthritis paralysis speed heart palpitations epilepsy obesity cough sore throat asthma tuberculosis meningitis and any other disease related urinary tract hyperacidity and gastritis dysentery constipation any disease related to eye and ear and throat
And irregular menstrual cycle in women
Balmealve treatment method has been boiled

5152Wake up early every morning and drink 4 cups of water each with a capacity (160 mm) on an empty stomach to be heating up the water italic not grilling hot tongue, but I would love to be close to warm heating up.
– Do not take any kind of food or fluids before the lapse of 45 minutes
– Do not take any food or drink during the next two hours per meal
Some have faces or sick, the elderly difficult at first, drinking (4) cups of water at one time so they can eat less so that the work to gradually increase the quantity to be able to drink the proposed amount within a short period of time
Results have proven water treatment healing of the following diseases in the period specified with each of them: –
Diabetes 30 days
High blood pressure 30 days
Stomach problems 10 days
Cancer types 9 months
Tuberculosis, meningitis 6 months
Constipation and abdominal cramps 10 days
Urinary tract and kidney problems 10 days
Ear Nose and Throat problems 20 days
15 days of the menstrual cycle problems
Heart problems of all kinds 30 days
Headache 3 days
Anemia (anemia) 30 Day
Obesity 4 months
Epilepsy and paralysis 9 months
Respiratory problems 4 months
Pass this on to someone else perhaps benefit and the benefit to the people

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