Miracle zooming to extinguish the fire !!!!!

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Strange article of its kind in the British newspaper The Daily Mail (published on 26.03.2015) revolves around a fire-extinguishing sound design! It was found that some low-frequency sound (especially thousand symbols Alaba and any distraction from 30-60 Hz or so-called hip-hop) causing oxygen dispersion and away from the burning material and thus easily extinguished !!

He says that the device is designed sound waves launched by the device put pressure on the air around the fire layer, thus separating this layer for the fire, and as we know the fire needs oxygen, and in the absence of oxygen flaming material will fade quickly.

The researchers say: The fire through low sound frequencies is an effective and cheap way and protect the environment from pollution, because most firefighters materials are chemicals that leave marks on the environment. Although this experiment applied to small fires, but the researchers hope to develop device and search for the right sound frequencies and the most effective in extinguishing large fires.

If scientific truth that has been tested in practice, confirms that the sound extinguish the fire, and the frequency of the most influential of the fire is low frequencies, and in the Arabic language to our letters such as distraction and Alaba is the lowest in terms of vibrational their own … this scientific fact Try researchers Jaah George Mason 2015 , but what about the beloved peace be upon him fourteen centuries ago! What did he say, a master of scientists, who do not speak of passion?

He said peace be upon him in talk report: (If you have seen the fire Vkbroa; the zoom Atefih) [Narrated by Ibn al-Sunni in the work of the day and night.

5001Although some scientists weakness this talk, but that the Son of God’s mercy values ​​proven practical experience hundreds of years ago! Ibn al-Qayyim said in the (re) increased: When the fire was caused by a fire, a devil substance that create them, and was in it from public corruption what suits the devil its article and done, it was the devil subsidy it and implement it; the Fire and Satan each wants height in the ground, and corruption, and the pride of the Lord Glorified and Exalted suppress the devil and he did, but this was enlarge God Glorified and Exalted have an impact in fire extinguishers, the pride of God Glorified and Exalted does not have something, if large Muslim Rabbo impact magnified in remission fire and subsidence of Satan, which is article, Vitefi fire, we have tried this Fujdnah and others as well, and God knows best.


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