Sentosa Island is a poetic island and the forth largest of Singapore

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Coming to Sentosa Island, you can move by slings which is the means bring a lot of excitement and impression because you observe from above Resort World Sentosa and Universal Studio with other wonderful landscapes. If you would like to go shopping in Vivocity, you can walk to SentosathroughSentosa Boardwalk, which also is an ideal experience because you realize colorful beauty of the island by walking. Moreover, the tourists can go to Sentosa by other means such as bus, taxi, MRT and so on. It is very convenient because of having many trips to choose suitable time as well as the attractions you like to go.

There are several wonderful places to visit at Sentosa. For example, going to Imbial Lookout located near Imbial mountain, there are many attractive things to visit such as Butterfly Park andKingdom of Insect, Images of Singapore Museum, Megazip Adventure Park, Sentosa 4D adventure land_4D cinema, SentosaMerlion, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Singapore Cable Car for adventurers, Tiger tower, act…

What is more, Sentosa Island has series of great beaches such as Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, Tajong Beach, Beach Safety, Beach Safety Awareness Campaign, Sentosa Beach Petrol. These beaches have not only stretched white sand, blue water, extremely noisy activities on the sea, but also a lot of restaurants, bars with good services. It is really special that system of hotels, resorts is very modern, famous all over the world because of superficial luxury, exterior architectural beauty, interior modern amenities and perfect service style. Besides, there are many sport activities_ volleyball at Siloso beach and wave surfing at the Wave house Sentosa. It makes more joyful and vibrant for the tourist holiday, especially who love water sports.


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Interestingly, a time to enjoy the delicious dishes with bold flavors of Singapore cuisine in restaurants, stroll through white sandy coasts as well as dynamic water sports on the sea, deep in colorful natural world of plants, butterflies, insects,… Sentosa is modern, noisy but not makes people tired. Sentosa Island brings the tourists excited spirit and comfortable, good mood in a perfect space.

It is sure that Sentosa Island is an ideal destination in Singapore, the tourists will have valuable experiences and unforgetable memories in lives.

. This is really one of the most ideal destinations when the tourists come to this country. The tourists have opportunity to enjoy and discover the uniqueness, the magic of Santosa Island. Surely, you will be surprised at its mystery and wonder.

Nowadays, many tourism companies created private tours to go to Sentosa. Therefore, the tourists can enjoy entirely the beauty as well as what here possesses. Being regarded as one of the largest islands and located in the South of Singapore, it takes about 15 minutes to move from Singapore center. This island has small area, only 5km2. However, it attracts strongly the tourist’s attention by natural landscape, by extremely thorough investment for resort and entertainment.

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