The beauty of deep space through the Hubble telescope Giant

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Hubble (Hubble Space Telescope) (in English: Hubble Space Telescope, or HST) is a space telescope orbiting the Earth has long astronomers the clearest and best vision of the universe at all after a long suffering from Earth-based telescopes that stands in the way of clarity seen a lot of obstacles, whether Earth’s atmosphere so full of dust and dust or deceptive visual effects the Earth’s atmosphere and affecting the accuracy of the results, named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble name. Construction of the telescope in 1977, the project began and launched into low-Earth orbit outside the atmosphere, just 593 km above sea level where complete circular orbit between 96 and 97 minutes by space shuttle Use the space shuttle Discovery for this purpose STS-31 on April 24, 1990, still running, with a focus (lens aperture) of 2.4 m (7.9 ft). Hubble telescope to four key tools for monitoring near UV and visible spectrum and near infrared.


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